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…to the Village of Dunnottar and our home on the world wide web. Located on the shores of Lake Winnipeg, Dunnottar is a great place to live, relax and vacation.

Feel free to check out our site for local information about our community and local government. Community events and notices are posted regularly and we encourage you to post your notices and use our site as a means to communicate with others in the community.

As you are aware this area was hit with a big storm on the weekend which caused some damage and power outages throughout the Village. Due to strong winds there were many trees and power lines down, shingles blown off, and debris blown throughout the area.

If you were not here on the weekend you may want to come have a look at your property to make sure there are no trees down or near falling down, as well as have your roof checked for damages.

Please exercise caution when entering your property and be aware of leaning trees, building damage and down power lines. If you have a downed power line, please contact Manitoba Hydro at 1-888-474-0707.

There are sand bags located in parking lot at Municipal office. If anyone wishes to take some for landscaping or gardening needs your are welcome to do so.

* We would like to remind residents that burning of grass, leaves and yard waste is not permitted in the Village of Dunnottar.  Further, due to the dry and windy conditions, we are asking that residents not burn in their fire pits at this time.

The next regular meeting of council is June 17, 2015 at 10:00 a.m.  
All members of the public are welcome and are encouraged to attend!
The following PUB Order No.32/15 was received in our office today, March 13, 2015. This order will take effect immediately and will be reflected on your 2015 tax bills. There will however, be some changes to the rate as the information sent to the Public Utilities Board was done before the 2015 Budget was completed.

How will the PUB Order affect Taxes?

We have received several questions concerning the PUB Order and how it will affect taxes.  The simplest explanation is to take a look at your 2014 tax bill, find the municipal tax calculation (first line on the bill) and take off 35% or approximately 1/3 of the total municipal tax.  This is what each property paid for the pumpout costs in 2014.  After you have reducedthe municipal portion, add in the $494.00 for the sewer utility rate, as ordered by the Public Utilities Board.

For example, if you paid $1,000.00 in municipal tax in 2014, remove $350.00 and add in $494.00.  This would mean a net increase of $144.00 for the property in the example.

Council Disclosure of Payment 
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We have been receiving many calls regarding property issues and are experiencing some difficulty in contacting owners in any emergency. If you could help us by advising the office of your contact information, it would be appreciated.

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