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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQBelow is a list of the most frequently asked questions and answers of staff at the Village of Dunnottar Municipal Office. Feel free to contact us if you still require more information to your question:

I am a lawyer/real estate agent, acting on behalf of a vendor. How can I obtain information on behalf of my client? Fill out this property information release form, and forward it to us, along with the information you need. Please ensure that you state, IN WRITING, that you are acting on behalf of the vendor.

How much does it cost for a tax certificate?
The cost for a tax certificate is $40.00 - please note that tax certificates will not be processed until payment is received in the office.  

Where can I hunt?
There is no hunting within the Village of Dunnottar

How many dogs can I have on my property before I have to get a kennel licence?
You can have three dogs on your property before you are required to apply for a kennel licence.

I want to put an access/driveway on to my property, what do I need to do?
You must contact Public Works department. Approval must be given by the Foreman on all the specifications and requirements.

Where do I find out information on zoning and building permits?
Contact the Red River Planning District at 1 (800) 876-5831

806 - A Manitoba Avenue, Selkirk, MB R1A 2H4 or

When are taxes due?
Taxes are due on or before the last business day in June of each year.

Is there a discount for paying taxes early?

What if I want to make an early payment for taxes?
Any tax payments that are paid prior to receipt of the tax bill will be credited towards the tax account.

Do you accept post dated cheques?
Yes, we accept post dated cheques. We no longer mail out reciepts however, they may be picked up at the village office during regular hours.

Do I have to obtain a dog license for my dogs?

Do you send out monthly tax statements?
No. Tax bills are printed by Municipal Government and will be mailed out once per year, generally at the beginning of May.

I mailed in my tax payment at the end of June. I just received my paid receipt and it shows that there is a balance owing. Why?
Payment was likely received after June 30, we stamp it as the date received at our office (not the date stamped by the post office) and you will be charged penalty for the month of July for late payment. Allow adequate time to ensure payment reaches our office by the due date.

I sent in a payment for the amount that was stated on my tax bill and I received a receipt showing there are still taxes owing? Why?
If there were arrears owing on the tax statement, then the tax amount due changes each month because of the monthly penalty charge.

What is the penalty/interest rate charged?
1 ¼% interest rate charged per month

How do I request information not readily available to the public?
First you should contact the village office to discuss the information you are looking for. It may in fact be readily available. Or you can visit for more info.