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Septic Services

Septic ServicesThe whole Village is now serviced by the same pump out company.

Please call Allstar Environmental Services Inc., 204-738-2336 if you have any questions about your pump out or if you need an extra pump out. They have an answering machine and will return your call promptly.

Residents are also requested to contact the contractor when opening in Spring and closing in Fall.

If you are using your cottage on an occasional basis during the winter months please contact the contractor to arrange a pump out schedule.

Just a reminder that residents must ensure there is clear access to holding tanks (i.e. snow shoveled, clear of debris and overhanging branches).

Your Septic tank, How does it work and what maintenance does it require? 

In the village There are two chambers in the concrete tank, separated by a partial wall. Waste flows from the house into the first chamber. Solids settle to the bottom, and liquids make their way over to the other side of wall into the second chamber which we pump out regularly. 

What happens to the solids then?
It builds up over time and needs to get cleaned out every 1-3 years (depending on use) to avoid any plumbing back ups. Routine pump outs of solids yearly ensures the build up doesn’t become an issue and get too hard & solid  to vacuum out or plug up the drain that causes back ups and emergency calls to plumbers and us.

Please call to book your solid clean out as the season is only from June 15 until October 15 to get this done due to lagoon rules. Cost is $100 plus GST.  An emergency clean up is much more complicated and costly if your solids back up & not maintained.

Emergency/Extra/Solid pump outs are $95 + GST ($99.75 total) during regular business hours and $120 + GST ($126.00 total) outside of regular business hours, weekend and holidays.

On-Site Wastewater Management permits must be obtained through MB Sustainable Development in Selkirk.

LL 446 Main Street
Selkirk, MB
R1A 1V7
Ph: 204 785 5030

The Sustainable Development office will determine the size, type and location of your sewage disposal system. It is the property owner's responsibility to ensure the proper disposal of any sewage in accordance with the regulations set by the Sustainable Development office. Applicants typically hire a Provincially Certified Installer. This installer will do a soil test, or tests, on the property at edge of the the site of the proposed wastewater management system. This soil test will determine the size and type of system required. This information is brought to the Sustainable Development office for review along with a registration form that should be provided by your Certified contractor. This registration form is also available at the Sustainable Development office

Any new tank installations or repairs must be inspected by Mitch McPherson, Public Works Foreman. He must be given at least 2 working days notice prior to inspection. He can be contacted at 204-389-4962.

The following PUB Order No.26/24 was received in our office today, February 22, 2024. This order will take effect immediately and will be reflected on your 2024 tax bills.