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Visiting Us

Visiting The Village of Dunnottar is a small, quiet community of 763 permanent residents. Located on the southwest shore of Manitoba's largest lake, Lake Winnipeg, Dunnottar is approximately forty minutes north of Winipeg. During the summer months, the population swells as cottagers from Winnipeg and surrounding areas arrive to enjoy the lakeside beaches and outdoor activities that Dunnottar has to offer.
Dunnottar was part of the Municipality of St. Andrews until 1947. Local residents spearheaded the drive to incorporate Dunnottar as a village, and eventually suceeded. Today, the village consists of an amalgamation of the Beaches of Matlock, Whytewold, and Ponemah. Since the turn of the century, Dunnottar has been a vacation spot, with beach lovers arriving by train up until the late 1950's.

Economic Base
The Village of Dunnottar is primarily a mix of seasonal and permanent residences supported by a few select retail business.  Lake Winnipeg is known for its commercial fishery, and traditionally many residents did make their living from this resource. However, the modern commercial fishery is not suited to an urban lifestyle and many of our fisherman have relocated to a more rural location.  The Interlake area of Manitoba to the west of the Village of Dunnottar consists of some agricultural areas and livestock producers.
Major Attractions
Dunnottar and most of the surrounding area owes its biggest tourist attraction to Lake Winnipeg. Lining most of the southern basin is kilometres of white sandy beaches - labeled some of the finest in the world. During the summer months, the area draws thousands of visitors from southern Manitoba and beyond who come to swim at the beaches and enjoy the blocks of quaint summer cottages. The area is relaxing and enjoyable for families at all times of the year.
Other Information
One of Dunnottar's most famous citizens of recent fame was Olympic competitor Colleen Miller, a four-time gold medal winner in the World Rowing Competition. Other prominent figures from the area include decorated First World War hero Bill Case, and the last surviving member of The Princess Pats of the First World War. Many notable Winnipeg citizens also own summer residences in Dunnottar including judges, politicians, and media personalities.